Meet Phil Matthews, Sherriff-Goslin’s “Dr. Phil”

Phil Matthews, also known as, “Dr. Phil” is a salesperson for our Sherriff-Goslin Pontiac/Metro Detroit Branch. Dr. Phil is an industry-leading, innovative, executive level sales leader who creates opportunity where others fail. He has an easy-going style that people feel comfortable with. He keeps it real and maintains his sense of humor while staying true to himself.

Dr. Phil is a licensed builder in the State of Michigan, a Licensed Property Adjuster, and a Certified Specialist in mold remediation, lead abatement, and fire/water restoration. These experiences have allowed him to approach problems from a different point of view. Dr. Phil has demonstrated his ability to overcome challenges and create new paths where others might have taken an easier but less successful route. His creative ability, work ethic, along with customer relationships have allowed our Pontiac/Metro Detroit Branch to gain the confidence of our clients and our branch’s ability to provide outstanding results.

Outside of work, Dr. Phil is best known as devoted husband and family man. His Catholic faith, passion, and drive comes from the knowledge that his three beautiful children – Pierce, Grant, and Audrey – are counting on him to be a provider and role model. Growing up the oldest of 14 children, he is a born multi-tasker and natural leader.

So, there is no need to look further, Dr. Phil, the roof doctor is on the job!