Learn About the Top Reasons for a Roof Replacement

Thankfully, it’s not often that homeowners need to think about roof replacement. New shingle technologies are always helping to create roofs that last longer, stay beautiful for years, and are structurally sound for decades. In fact, a recently-installed roof is very likely to outlast one – or several – of the home’s occupants. And, while many homes are seeing more longevity from their roofs, roofing contractors certainly aren’t resting on their laurels. Many find themselves working for remodelers who find that the time is right to perform an upgrade on their home’s roof. Today, we’re going to look at the leading reasons that property owners decide to pursue a roof replacement.


The most common reasons for roof replacements are problems arising from damage. Typically, a leak will bring damage to the homeowner’s attention. In most cases, by the time a leak is evident inside the house, you can be certain that the need for repair is imminent. Another type of damage is shingle damage, including wind damaged, cracked, or curled shingles. This type of damage can be caused by inadequate roof ventilation, extreme temperature differences, and driving winds.


There are a wide number of reasons that a re-roofing project may be part of a home upgrade. If the homeowner is preparing to sell the home, roof replacement is a good investment because potential buyers will be assured that the home has been cared for. In addition to security, new roofs enhance curb appeal and create an immediate, positive impression during open houses.

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