Concerned About Roof Damage Caused by Snow? Call Your Auburn Hills Roof Contractor!

Well, winter is officially here and, as the most trusted Auburn Hills roof contractor, Sherriff-Goslin is fielding calls left and right. One of the most common questions we receive is, “What should I do when snow begins to accumulate on my roof?” And, while the answer isn’t simple, our team aims to provide comprehensive, informative answers so that our clients can make sound decisions about their roofs. Unfortunately, there’s no single catchall answer to this question, as it largely depends on environmental factors and your roof’s current condition. Today, however, we’re going to provide you with a little advice that you may find helpful once the snow starts accumulating.

Stay calm

First and foremost, you show know that you – and your home – are probably fine. If your home was built to code and you’ve kept a regular maintenance schedule, you shouldn’t experience any problems. But, keep in mind that heavy, severe snowstorms can damage even the healthiest of roofs and you should take reasonable precautions when possible.

Don’t overdo it

If you’re planning to remove the snow from your roof, don’t overdo it. While it’s always tempting to scrape your roof completely clean, doing so can cause damage to your shingles and the underlying structure. Simply sweep away the snow that can be removed easily and avoid aggressively scraping at frost and ice buildup.

Stay alert

Keep your eyes open for signs that can indicate that the weather is taking a toll on your roof. Do you see cracks and warping? Are your doors sticking? Have you noticed cracks in your home’s walls? If so, contact an Auburn Hills roof contractor immediately!

At Sherriff-Goslin, we want all of our customers – and neighbors! – to have a safe, worry-free winter. If you’re concerned about your roof’s health, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free inspection!