A Great Review from a Satisfied Customer of the Premier Roofing Contractor in Auburn Hills

Recently, we met Mrs. Phillips, a customer who had heard of the leading roofing contractor in Auburn Hills, Pontiac, and Bloomfield Hills: Sherriff-Goslin. Mrs. Phillips’ roof was only six years old, but water was coming into her great room due to a flashing issue. Our first reaction was to listen to the issues that she was experiencing, to see if I could repair the roof and prevent the water intrusion. At the time, we were only inspecting for repair, however, it quickly became clear that there were significant installation issues throughout the entire roof. Because of this, repairs simply weren’t an option.

After the inspection, we scheduled a second time to get together and discuss a replacement estimate. In the meantime, I had conversations with the property adjuster on her behalf, trying to see if there were any coverage options for the roof. It helped some but, unfortunately, the adjuster offered very little coverage.

The next time we met, it was all about delivery. Mrs. Phillips had to bear the burden of this tremendous cost again and – even more difficult – had to take a leap of faith in assuming that a new roofing contractor would do the job properly this time. As the top roofing contractor in Auburn Hills, we assured her that we were well-equipped to provide her with a secure, long-lasting roof. In the end, everything went very well and Mrs. Phillips was extremely happy with the work that we did. She’s the type of person that makes this tough industry worth it!

You can read her full review below:

Our roof was not that old, but we had problems with shingles blowing off and a leak in the ceiling of our great room. Last year, a company came out and did some repairs but warned us it was a temporary fix. This summer we had the same company out to repair again, restating that a new roof was needed. I called some companies for a second opinion with little interest shown. By the time I called Sherriff-Goslin I was pretty upset because we had more problems with the roof.

Pete was wonderful on the phone. He reassured me someone would be out right away. Phillip Matthews came and went up on the roof to take pictures of the damage. He explained everything to us in detail. Having seen all the great reviews, my husband and I decided that the work would be done by them. Having a high roof with many peaks was going to be a difficult job. We were so happy with the whole process.

Everyone working on the roof was professional and so polite. Every night, the area was cleaned up, even when I try to get them to leave it and go home because they had worked twelve hours straight, they wouldn’t. Danny, the foreman, was awesome. We already sent a friend to Sherriff-Goslin and will tell everyone we know! I actually hated to see everyone leave. I miss stopping at the cider mill for doughnuts and cider for all of the guys! A big thanks to Pete, Phillip, Danny and all the way down to cleanup detail with Amy. You all made this a great experience!